19 Oct 2021
Finding my way back

Finding my way back

I have, like many others in this crazy world of ours, had my share of challenges. And while I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, I could feel the ‘disconnect’ in my life. When I asked Kim to do a reading I knew she would take great care with my soul’s story.

What I wasn’t expecting was how incredibly spot-on her reading was around the challenges and hurts and how I attracted the blockages and misalignment through the coping mechanisms I adopted. I was blown away by her insight into the ‘essence’ of me. I’ve since tried to incorporate the lessons I learnt and insight I gained into dealing positively with those blockages and I can see the difference in my day to day life – as well as my approach to life.

Kim told my truth with openness, honesty, integrity and sensitivity and after my reading I already felt lighter. I would recommend a reading for anyone dealing with emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. And Kim in particular because of her healing presence, the fact that she knows it is a great responsibility and strives for accuracy and sensitivity.

– Adele

Photo by boram kim on Unsplash

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